C.Y. 2021


MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE No. 002-s2021 - Clearing of Roads in the Municipality of Paniqui of all Illegal Structures, Obstructions and Illegally Parked Vehicles and Providing Penalties for Violations



C.Y. 2020


ORDINANCE No. 002 -s2020 – Mandatory Use of Face Mask and Social Distancing in Public

ORDINANCE No.-003-s2020 – Creating Special Account in the General Fund (SAGF) for the Bayanihan Grant to Cities and Municipalties (BGCM)

ORDINANCE No.-004-s2020 – Construction Guidelines in Safety Implementation of Infrastructure Projects during COVID-19

ORDINANCE No.-005-s2020 – Anti-Covid 19 Discrimination Ordinances of the Municipality of Paniqui

ORDINANCE No. 007-s2020 - Intensifying the Implementation of the No Segregation, No Collection Policy

MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE No. 009-s2020 - Enacting Community-Based Rehabilitation Program (CBRP) for Person Who Used Drugs (PWUD)

ORDINANCE No. 010-s2020 - Ordinance Establising and Adopting Measures and Systems to Ensure Efficient Implementation of the Local TB Control Program

RESOLUTION No. 059-s2020 - Temporary Fare Rate Increase of Tricycles for Hire Operating within Territorial Jurisdiction


C.Y 2019


RESOLUTION No. 089-s2019 – Children Safety on Motorcycle

RESOLUTION No. 090-s2019 – Children’s Emergency Relief and Protection Act

RESOLUTION No. 091-s2019 – Mental Health Act


C.Y. 2012


ORDINANCE No. 2012-004 – Full Cover of Cargoes from Quarry


C.Y. 2011


MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE No. 2011-007 – Secure Reflectorized Body Plate of Tricycle

ORDINANCE No. 2011-001 – Drug Test Ordinance

ORDINANCE No. 2011-003 – Prohibiting Minors as waitresses

ORDINANCE No. 2011-004 – Prohibiting Drag Racing

ORDINANCE No. 2011-005 – CCTV Commercial

ORDINANCE No. 2011-007 – Amending Palay Ordinance

ORDINANCE No. 2011-008-Local Revenue Code

ORDINANCE No. 2011-012 – Regulate the Quarry Sources


C.Y. 2010


MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE No. 2010-009 – Business Plate

ORDINANCE No. 2010-010 – Dogs Proper Care

ORDINANCE No. 2010-011 – Cockpit Ordinance


C.Y. 2009


ORDINANCE No. 2009-009 – Anti-RedTape Act of 2007

ORDINANCE No. 2009-10 – Regulating Billiard Games


C.Y. 2008


ORDINANCE No. 2008-02 – Generalize Transportation Rate of Tricycle

ORDINANCE No. 2008-06 – Bank CCTV Ordinance

ORDINANCE No. 2008-09 – Penalizing Overlapping & Anti hawkers


C.Y. 2007


ORDINANCE No. 2007-07 – Regulating Computer Shops

ORDINANCE No. 2007-08 – Prohibiting the Drinking of Adults on certain Hours (Amending Ord # 7-2006)

ORDINANCE No. 2007-09 – Prohibiting the Drinking of Minors (Ameding Ord # 8-2006)


C.Y. 2006


Resolution no. 72-2006 – Revised Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance